Visit the Newly Opened Semler Residence

The city of Pilsen is very famous for the high number of interior realizations which were designed by the world-wide famous architect Adolf Loos. There were only three realizations which were opened for public until recently. However, in November 2015 a real unique piece completed the collection of accessible interiors – the Semler House in 110 Klatovska Street. This interior is the only realization in Pilsen featuring a so called raumplan. Until then this principle was used only in the Villa Muller in Prague. In Pilsen the task of Adolf Loos was even more complicated – he was asked to design and build-in a spatially divided interior which features six different height levels into a structure of a city house which originally had only three floors. The house was bought by Oskar Semler in 1932. Adolf Loos created the initial design of the house interior. Unfortunately, due to his progressing illness the detailed solution was created by his close colleague and pupil Heinrich Kulka. The residence reconstruction was finished in 1934, a year after Adolf Loos died, and the Semler’s family used the house until 1939 when they were forced to leave the country.  The house was confiscated by various German offices and it was used for tenants for many decades. The precious interior division and design was significantly damaged as the residence was divided into several apartment units.

In a very bad condition the house was taken over by the Gallery of West Bohemia and slowly, with attention being paid to details it undergoes a process of reconstruction. Recently, a guided tour is arranged for visitors which takes them to a salon with the upper gallery, shows them a fire place and an in-built bar, a dining room and a kitchen which featured highly developed technologies for the time when it was built. The guided tours for public are managed and arranged by the  Pilsen – TOURISM and this one constitutes the third guided tour of the Loos Interiors in Pilsen.