Commentated tours of the Adolf Loos interiors in English

The regular commentated tours of the Adolf Loos interiors that are held in Czech take place during the main season from Friday to Sunday, or Friday to Saturday during the off-season. English-speakers, however, can still take the tour with the Czech group; we have printed guides ready for you describing the tour, or you may order a foreign-language tour if desired.

The application SmartGuide presents another option for you, as it offers information about the tour routes, including photos and audio recordings. This application is available in English and is free to download on Google Play, the App Store, or the SmartGuide application website.

Your third option is the pocket guide “Guide to the Works of Adolf Loos and His Collaborators in Pilsen” by Pilsen architect Petr Klíma, which you can use to go for a walk around the Loos interiors on your own. The guidebook contains an essential map as well as plenty of information about the completed projects, both the surviving and non-surviving interiors, as well as information about Loos himself and his collaborators. You can find this book in the Information Centre located on the city square at náměstí Republiky 41. It contains three languages, including English, and costs CZK 130.