Gifts from Loos

Looking to delight your close ones with original commemorative items or souvenirs from Adolf Loos in Pilsen? Then go ahead and choose.

Cup and saucer
Would you like to serve tea or coffee with style on a pre-war porcelain set featuring a relief from the traditional Karlovy Vary porcelain maker THUN? The more you start to sip your drink, the more Loos will start to appear inside the cup. We placed our logo both there and in the middle of the saucer. The cup holds 360 ml of liquid.

Adolf Loos took pains to dress well. That’s why we also offer three ties featuring patterns of the materials used in Loos’ completed works in Pilsen. The blue, rhomboid tie refers to the wallpaper that adorns one of the rooms in the Apartment of the Kraus Family. The gold tie attributes to travertine – a highly decorative and noble material, which can be found in the dining rooms of the Brummel House and the Vogls’ Apartment on Klatovská Street. The “marble” tie draws inspiration from the Italian marble “fantastico” used in Hugo Semler’s Apartment. So, which tie are you going to choose? TIP! The ties certainly aren’t only for men, nor do they have to be worn traditionally on the neck.

Silk scarves
100% silk scarves for your mother, aunt, or grandmother? You can gift them to whoever enjoys a bit of elegance and style. The scarves also come in the same three variations as the ties mentioned above, namely a blue scarf with rhomboids, the black-and-white marble scarf, and the gold travertine scarf. The scarves are squared with a dimension of 60 x 60 cm.

Pencils and metal cases
The pencil remains one of the most important tools for architects! But you don’t have to be an architect to need one. Loads of people in today’s digital world write down their ideas and thoughts with classic pencil and paper. Especially when the pencil is of high-quality and local production. Here you can purchase individual pencils with quotes from Adolf Loos, as well as this year’s newest item: a set of pencils in metal cases made by the company KOH-I-NOOR, featuring motifs of the interiors in the Brummel House.
The smaller case contains six six-sided graphite pencils with black wooden casings. These pencils (1900 B) are meant for technicians, graphic designers, and artists. In the larger case, you’ll find a dozen of traditional yellow graphite 1502 ART pencils – soft gradation for designers and artists to draw with. You can stick the pencils in the table holder and use the case for other items from Loos too, such as a ruler or tape measure.

Mechanical pencils
From our offer, you can also add a black, short 5228 mechanical pencil using 2 mm graphite to your pencil case, which is meant for ordinary writing, such as in your notebook or diary. This metal mechanical pencil features a pressable button, which can be unscrewed to reveal a sharpener used to sharpen the graphite. You can just sharpen all day…, we mean, create all day long!

Marble coloured pencil
To complete your artistic arsenal, treat yourself to a quality, wooden, three-sided colour pencil with a special, multi-coloured centre, allowing you to draw multi-coloured lines made up of several different colour traces, all without having to turn the pencil around in any way. And this isn’t just any old coloured pencil, it’s a marble one. Adolf Loos designed a beautiful music salon, which was strictly axisymmetric and cladded with Italian fantastico white marble with black veining reminiscent of the most varied, fantastical-looking creatures. And now you too can playfully create with such a wonderful coloured pencil.

Wrapping paper
Chisel something out of marble? How about wrapping something in marble! You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a beautifully wrapped present never hurt anyone. In fact, it does the opposite. And if you purchase a gift from Loos, wrapping paper featuring a pattern of fantastico marble will make quite the impression. You can get your hands on this paper in our Info Centres two weeks before Christmas.

We made this bright, lightly stripped notebook with a shiny “bronze” inscription last year during the 150th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Loos. This A5, lined notebook with its intriguing textile bond and orange inner folders shouldn’t be forgotten out of any drawer, backpack, or purse.

Tear-off pads
Are there tear-off pads featuring Loos’ interiors that come in sizes A5 and A6? Of course, and these ones come without lines or chequers, and feature the Adolf Loos Pilsen logo as well as Loos quotes. In fact, Loos himself was always into tearing things down himself!

You can always carry in your pockets loads of practical trinkets that will remind you exactly who Loos was. Pencils in three colour designs with various quotes, a pocket tape measure, a ruler, a magnet, or a magnetic bookmarker; these are the kinds of trinkets worth having around practically everywhere. With the badge, you can show exactly what group you belong to. Adolf Loos Pilsen forever. Or you can buy another badge before you lose the first.

Pocket “Guidebook to the Works of Adolf Loos and his Collaborators in Pilsen”
You can take a walk around the Loos interiors and be your own tour guide, all thanks to the guide book dedicated to all of Loos’ completed works in Pilsen (including the surviving, accessible, inaccessible, and even destroyed works). The pocket “Guidebook to the Works of Adolf Loos and His Collaborators in Pilsen”, by Pilsen architect Petr Klíma of the “Pěstuj prostor” association, came to be as part of the PAM project (the Pilsen Architectural Manual). It contains a useful map as well as loads of information on Loos and his closest collaborators. The book is available in Czech as well as English and German.

All of these gifts can be purchased in our Tourist Information Centres (náměstí Republiky 41, Paluba Hamburk near the Pilsen Main Railway Station), or while touring the Kraus’ Apartment at Bendova 10.