Guided Tour 3

The Semler Residence
110 Klatovska Street

The guided tour of the Semler Residence takes its visitors into a unique interior designed by Adolf Loos. In this home, Loos implemented the principle of Raumplan. Heinrich Kulka, who was a colleague and student of Adolf Loos, created the interiors for Oskar and Jana Semler based on Loos’ concept. The home was transferred as property of the City of Pilsen to the Pilsen Region, and now it’s managed by the Gallery of West Bohemia. The Semler Residence, included the formally inaccessible private areas of the apartment (i.e., the bedrooms and children’s rooms), was reopened in September 2022 to the public after its expansive renovations. The newly-built Centre for Research of Pilsen Region Architecture is now part of the Oskar Semler residence exposition.

Duration of the guided tour:

75 minutes

Entrance fee:

Full entrance fee:  CZK 370

Reduced price: CZK 260 (children and students ages 6-26, seniors over 65, disabled people)

Based on the great public interest in these tours, we recommend booking or purchasing your tickets in advance.


The guided tour is not barrier-free.