Guided Tour 4

The apartment of Hugo Semler and the suite of Richard Hirsch
Klatovská 19 and Plachého 6

The tour of two Loos interiors that up until now were waiting to be renovated begins at Klatovská 19 at the home of Hugo Semler. In the expansive flat on the first floor of businessman Hugo Semler’s home, the dining room, salon, and music room dating back to the years 1931-1932 have survived to this day. The music room itself is an example of Loos’ work, whereas the other two spaces were created in Loos’ style. Towards the end of the Second World War, the interior was used as a workroom by the military commander of Pilsen, Georg Von Majewski, who shot himself here after his surrender in 1945. From the end of the war until 2002, the home and its interior were used by the army. Currently, the home is usually inaccessible, as an expansive renovation project of the entire building is in the works.

Loos’ first redesigned apartment in Pilsen was located inside the Neo-Renaissance home of Vilém and Marta Hirsch at Plachého 6. His work was finished in 1907, leaving the apartment with a particularly luxurious style, which took up the entire first floor. 20 years later, Adolf Loos expanded the apartment even more and added a small courtyard addition of a veranda. He also designed the bachelor’s apartment on the second floor for the Hirschs’ son Richard. Unfortunately, all that remained of the first floor was the cross-beamed ceiling. In 2012, however, The Department of Monument Care of the City of Pilsen was successful in discovering Richard’s previously forgotten, nearly completely saved bedroom from 1927, which included its characteristic built-in wardrobes. In 2015, Pilsen had the original furniture that survived completely restored. During the commentated tour, visitors will enter the bedroom as well as other parts of Richard Hirsch’s suite.

The interiors are open to public several times per year only. In 2023, the tours are planned for the followind dates: 22/4, 6/5, 26/5, 18/6, 15/7, 12/8, 19/9 and 28/10.

Tour duration: 45 minutes

(Notice: Travelling between both interiors takes approx. 10 minutes)


Full price: CZK 100

Discounted price: CZK 80 (children and students ages 6-26, senior citizens over 65, disabled persons)

Due to the popularity of the tour, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. The maximum number of tour visitors is 15.


The tour route is not barrier-free. Due to the arrangement of the interiors and the number of stairs, the tour may be physically demanding for some visitors. The tour is for visitors aged 12 and up.