Exhibitions of the Year of Adolf Loos 2020

Adolf Loos: Hidden away. The concealed jewel of modern architecture.
U Branky
Organized by the city of Pilsen

The celebrated architect, Adolf Loos, created a broad collection of his work in Pilsen, which, as if from its conception, was kept secret from the eyes of the uninitiated. The mostly residential designs, buried behind the everyday façades of town houses with Loos-rejected stucco decoration, are locked up and well hidden in family apartments. This exhibition will present the appearance of Loos’ designs in Pilsen via period photographs, which were taken briefly after they were completed, and borrowed from the archive of the Albertina Museum in Vienna,.

Adolf Loos: Transformations. From rejection to resurrection.
Entrance hall of Pilsen City Hall
Organized by the city of Pilsen

The creations of Adolf Loos in Pilsen remained in the memory of only a few individuals during the Czech communist era. How can it be that the work of an architect, whose well-known name was famous even outside the world of architecture, could completely fall from its imaginary pedestal? Going forward, how is his abandoned work being managed and who is watching over it? From the end of WWII to the present day, every individual piece of Adolf Loos’ work has its own story, many of which live on today, whereas some are only barely hanging on. The exhibition on the grounds of Pilsen City Hall, displaying preserved photographs and plans, will allow an insight into the development of Loos’ completed works in Pilsen, from the time they were abandoned by their original owners to the present.

Sutnarka pays Adolf Loos a visit

Sutnarka, the progressive Faculty of Design and Art at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, was invited to hold exhibitions of the Pilsen interiors designed by the world-renowned architect Adolf Loos. It is safe to assume that the young Ladislav Sutnar could have ran into the experienced Adolf Loos in Pilsen, Prague or Vienna sometime during the 1920s. It’s apparent the cultural tendencies of the day, of which the innovator of modern architecture actively declared, impacted Suntar’s approach to design and art. Sutnar often implemented the principles of functionalism in his work and applied them in the many fields in which he was employed in Europe and the USA. The curator of Sutnarka, Jan Van Woensel, is the mind behind three separate exhibitions, which invoke lively dialogue between art and design, architecture and artistic principles, culture and memories.

From the memories of Eva Brummel
10. 12. and 10.-12. 12. 2020
Apartment of Richard Hirsch / Plachého 6
Organized by Pilsen – TOURISM

Sutnarka’s Studios of Illustration and Multimedia have prepared a new original installation in Loos’ Richard Hirsch apartment, which, after partial reconstruction, has yet to open its doors to the public. The illustrated short story, dedicated to the life of Eva Brummel, will come to life for guests to the exhibition via video animation.

Loos in a new light: Graphic Design
10. 12. – January 2021
Kraus family apartment / Bendova 10
Organized by Pilsen – TOURISM

The students of the Sutnarka Studio of Graphic Design have designed a series of work inspired by the personality, life and work of Adolf Loos.

Photography dialogue
10. 12. – January 2021
Vogl family apartment / Klatovská 12
Organized by Pilsen – TOURISM

The work of the students of the Sutnarka Studio of Photography, based on the topic of Adolf Loos, thoughtfully complements the interior of the Vogl apartment and communicates with the original furnishings and interior accessories.