Pilsen City Hall hosts an exhibition about Loos Interiors

In order to inspire more people to visit the Loos Interiors and to present the whole portfolio of his creations in Pilsen, the organization Pilsen- TOURISM prepared in the exhibition area of the City Hall a presentation of designs by Adolf Loos in Pilsen. The panel exhibition presents not only the regularly accessible and renovated residential interiors, but it also deals with all the Loos realizations which have survived in Pilsen until recently. The visitors of the exhibition also learn about the life story of the architect Adolf Loos who is considered to be the founder of a modern concept of architecture.

"Moreover, the uniqueness and reputation of the Loos Interiors is documented by the fact that the Czech Tourism Agency selected the interiors as one of the main communication topics within the framework of the campaign for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. As an example, the recent presentation of the Loos Interiors at the Beijing Tourism Fair might be used. The exhibition is currently also available in the Vienna Furniture Museum as part of the accompanying programme to the large profile exhibition Wagner, Hofmann, Loos, which focuses on the design of furniture in the period of Vienna's modern time," adds Magdalena Soukupova from the organisation Pilsen – TOURISM.

Famous architect Adolf Loos designed a unique set of residential interiors for local rich Jewish entrepreneurs in Pilsen. Three of them are currently after reconstruction and are available to public during regular guided tours. Visitors can participate in the guided tours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To purchase tickets, please go to www.adolfloosplzen.cz or to the Tourist Information Centre of the City of Pilsen near the City Hall on the Republic Square.

  • The exhibition in the City Hall can be visited daily until August 3, 2018.