Rules for Visitors

Rules for Visitors

Entrance Fee

  1. When buying a ticket the visitor agrees to comply with the Rules for Visitors and follow the instruction of the authorised personnel within the premises.
  2. The ticket is not valid in case the visitor is late for the beginning of the guided tour. The already purchased tickets cannot be returned/ exchanged.
  3. Visitors are obliged to provide the ticket for checking when commencing the guided tour, keep it during the time of the guided tour and when asked provide it again for a re-check.
  4. In case of applying any reduced price of the entrance fee the visitor can be asked to provide any document to justify the discount prior to the beginning of the guided tour.
  5. Children under 6 years of age are not charged with an entrance fee. This free entrance for a child under 6 years of age can be requested also by an adult who paid a reduced price for his/her own ticket (senior citizens, students up to 26 years of age, etc.).

Guided Tours of the Object

  1. All tours of the object are set as guided tours. The guide presentation is included in the entrance fee. For the capacity reasons the guided tours of "Kraus and Vogl´s Apartements" allow the maximum of 20 people in one guided tour, in case of the guided tour of the "Brummel House" and the "Semler House" the maximum of 10 people is allowed.
  2. Children up to 15 years of age are allowed to enter the object only when accompanied by an adult person who is responsible for their compliance with the Rules for Visitors of the particular object.
  3. Visitors of the object are allowed to move only within the area designated for public. Entering the areas outside the public access is strictly prohibited.
  4. For the safety reasons it is prohibited to touch any switch boards, signalling equipment and fire extinguishing equipment located within the object.

Protection of Cultural Heritage and Safety of Collections

  1. Visitors are obliged to behave politely and with appropriate respect reflecting the historical and cultural significance of the interiors during the duration of the guided tour. They are also required to pay maximum attention to the material value of the cultural heritage and maintaining the quality of expert commentary provided by the tour guide.
  2. Visitors are always obliged to follow the instruction of the authorised personnel. In case of breaching the Rules for Visitors or not following the instruction of the authorised personnel issued with regard to the safety of visitors, object protection or its equipment and in order to maintain the tranquillity of the tour, the visitor will be requested to leave the object immediately with no refund for his/her ticket. Moreover, the particular visitor can be prosecuted based on the generally valid legal regulations.
  3. Visitors must not disturb the tour guide’s commentary by making inappropriate comments or disrupting it repeatedly (speaking loudly, music, singing, using mobile phones and transistor radios, being loud and the like) and they are obliged to respect the interest and rights of all other visitors.
  4. Visitors suspected of drunkenness or use of other addictive substances, visitors in dirty, insufficient or inappropriate clothes, visitors with highly asocial behaviour will be prevented from entering the object.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to enter the object with luggage, umbrellas, bags and animals.
  6. It is prohibited to damage and threaten the object, any property and equipment located inside and outside the object. In particular, it is strictly prohibited to:
    a) write, draw and paint on the walls, engrave in it or cause any other damage;
    b) manipulate with the controlling elements of the windows, window covers, interior equipment and other technical elements of the object;
    c) leave the designated route of the guided tour, leave the guide and the group during the guided tour;
    d) manipulate with open fire within the entire premises of the object;
    e) smoke, eat, drink and chew chewing gums within the entire premises of the object, enter the area with ice-cream, drinks, etc.;
    f) use pyrotechnics, throw rice, confetti and any other materiál of this sort;
    Not complying with the visitor obligations and breaching any of  the above stated rules may result in forced leaving of the object without any right to the entrance fee refund. If the visitors do not obey the call to leave the premises consensually and fortwith, the Czech police might walk them out of the premises
  7. In case of breaching any of the obligations stated in this set of rules, the visitor is to make amends, ie. expenses associated with restoring the space to its original state.
  8. In case of any damage or loss of any equipment/part of the object all visitors currently present in the object will be required to participate in any safety action (personal check provided by the Police of the Czech Republic may be required).

Picture Taking and Recording

  1. Picture taking and recording of any audio/video records using a mobile phones or a compact camera without tripod is allowed for private purposes only in Kraus and Vogl´s Apartments, the Selmer Residence, Hugo Semler's Apartment and  Richard Hirsch's Apartment. 
  2. Picture taking and recording of any audio/video records in the Brummel House using a mobile phones or a compact camera without tripod is allowed for private purposes only for a fee of 100 CZK per person. In this case, it is not allowed to share the records online.
  3. In other cases the use of photos and recording must be concluded by a licence agreement with the owner of interior,  
  4. Any other use of any picture or audio/video recording without a previous consent will be legally prosecuted.

Final Disposition

  1. Wishes, complaints, remarks and words of praise can be sent in a written form to the e-mail address  or into the Book of Visitors.
  2. Responsibility for any damage caused to the visitors is described by the generally binging regulations.
  3. Pilsen-TOURISM allowance organisation, the Brummel House, or the Gallery of West Bohemia are not responsible for any injury and damage caused to the visitors by breaching any rules stated in the Rules for Visitors.
  4. Compensation for any caused damage to the object or its equipment will be legally claimed from the person who caused the particular damage.
  5. Exception to the Rules for Visitors can be granted only by the management of the Loos Interiors – the Pilsen-TOURISM allowance organisation, managing director of the Brummel House, or the Gallery of West Bohemia.

We thank all visitors for their respect and compliance with the rules stated within the Rules for Visitors.