Adolf Loos in Pilsen

Guided tour 2 The Brummel House

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The Brummel House

Meeting place with guide:
Husova 741/58, at the reception desk.
Entrance provided 5 minutes before the tour starts.

Tour duration:
45 minutes

Max. capacity for pre-arranged groups:
15 people

Full admission:
290 CZK

Discounted admission:
190 CZK (children and students aged 6-26, senior citizens over 65 let, ZTP/P)

Tour timetable:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday at pre-arranged times

Friday, Saturday, Sunday at pre-arranged times

The tour focuses on the renovations of the original single-storeyed home under the baton of Adolf Loos, which housed the two generations of the Brummel couples and Ms Hedvika Liebstein. The tour of this most valuable of Adolf Loos’ works in Pilsen starts in the spacious stairway hall, from which your guide will take you through a slender corridor to the couples’ bedroom with a brilliantly hidden washroom. Next, leaving the family’s intimate rooms, you’ll enter the monumentally furnished living room featuring an adjacent terrace with a view of a pear tree. From the so-called “enfilade”, you’ll enjoy a view of the other rooms: the dining room and the separated blue lounge and Ms Hedvika’s bedroom. Your guide will also take you into these spaces, and in the next room, tell you the riveting story of the Brummel family, including the broad artistic background of this charming home.

The guided tours are in Czech but visitors can request the tour text in German or English.

The routes do not offer barrier-free access, meaning the tours are not suitable for individuals with limited mobility. Also, due to the high number of stairs, some visitors may find the tour physically challenging.

Due to the professional nature of the commentary, the tours are not suitable for children 10 or younger.

Due to the tour’s popularity, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

Photography is permitted with a 100 CZK fee.

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