Adolf Loos in Pilsen

Guided tour 4 Hugo Semler’s and
Richard Hirsch’s Apartments

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Hugo Semler’s and <br>Richard Hirsch’s Apartments

Meeting place with guide:
Klatovská třída 289/19
These interiors are only open a few times a year.

Tour duration:
45 minutes

Max. capacity for pre-arranged groups:
20 people

Full admission:
100 CZK

Discounted admission:
80 CZK (children and students aged 6-26, senior citizens over 65 let, ZTP/P)

The final tour route will take you into two currently unrenovated interiors. You’ll first visit the expansive home at Klatovská 19, where what remains of the Hugo Semler family apartment can be found, namely the dining room, the gentlemen’s lounge, and the music lounge. This exact music lounge and its Fantastico marble are verifiably Loos’ work. Towards the end of WWII, the interior served as a workroom for General Georg von Majewski, which is where he also signed the capitulation certificates before committing suicide in that very room. However, this didn’t mark the end of the home’s military history, which continued until 2002, after which it’s remained empty ever since. Your guide will tell you the history of the entire home and the Semler family as well as the renovation project, which is currently underway. You’ll then go to the nearby, small apartment of Richard Hirsch, which is located in his parents’ home at Plachého 6. This is the address where Adolf Loos’ first designs were ever implemented in Pilsen. Richard’s bachelor apartment has undergone partial renovations but is still waiting to be fully reconstructed.


The guided tours are in Czech but visitors can request the tour text in German or English.

The routes do not offer barrier-free access, meaning the tours are not suitable for individuals with limited mobility. Also, due to the high number of stairs, some visitors may find the tour physically challenging.

The apartments are not equipped with sanitary facilities.

Due to the apartments’ unrenovated condition, they are not accessible to children 12 or younger.

Due to the tour’s popularity, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

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